Friday, May 08, 2009

A Curious Marriage: The Radical Left & Muslim Extremists

This story caught my attention. Here's the comment I left, which I believe is worth repeating here:

In recent years I've noticed a strange marriage of convenience between the Radical elements of the Left and Muslims. On paper they might seem to be diametrically opposed, but in practice they have one very significant thing in common:

Neither believe in Free Speech whatsoever for those they disagree with.

To pretend otherwise is delusional to the extreme. Don't believe me? The examples are endless. Here are some that barely scratch the surface:

  • Shouting down women like Nonie Darwish or gov't officials from Israel like Benjamin Netanyahu.
  • Threatening pro-Israel protesters at rallies with cries of "Go Back to the Ovens" and equally abhorrent intimidation, often directed at little children.
  • Trying to ban all Israeli professors from college campuses.
  • Banning Pro-Life groups from university campuses.
  • Trying to ban authors like Mark Steyn & Oriana Fallaci & Ezra Levant from publishing their writing.
  • Preventing the likes of Michael Savage & Geert Wilders from speaking on British soil, let alone setting foot on it.
  • Vigorously striving to destroy the lives & careers of Carrie Prejean & Joe Wurzelbacher simply because they "dared" to express heartfelt, considerate opinions which happened to be different from the worldview of the Left.
  • Striving to silence all debate on Man-Made Global Warming and associating those who wish to engage in debate & discussion as "deniers", with the not so hidden connection to "Holocaust Deniers".
  • On a constant basis, labeling people they disagree with as "Racists", "Sexists", "Bigots", and "Nazis". This includes, but is absolutely not limited to Amy Alkon & Dennis Miller, two very strident centrists.
The mindset throughout ALL of these examples is precisely the same. Whether one is a Radical Leftist Atheist or a Radical Islamic Fundamentalist, the same refrain can be heard over & over:

"We will not tolerate ANY dissent from our views!"

Welcome to our world in the New Millennium. :-(

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nachtwache said...

Not a pretty world!