Sunday, May 03, 2009

Barack Obama's Mystifying Monetary Magic Trick

Comments on the video page indicate that the math is wrong. This prompted me to double-check it and in fact, the MATH IS CORRECT!

Here's another way to look at it:

Budget: $3,520,000,000,000 which is represented by 8,800 pennies in the video

$3.52 Trillion / $100 Million = 35,200

8,800 pennies / 0.25 pennies = 35,200

The ratios are identical and thus the math and the video are absolutely correct!

I hope everyone now understands:

  1. What incredible trouble America is in financially (from most all politicians).
  2. How much further into debt Obama is taking the country.

To look at it another way, imagine a friend of yours explained that he had let his credit card spending get way out of control and he needed a $10,000 loan from you to make ends meet for a few months. You thought about it for a while and then demanded to know what spending cuts he was prepared to make over the next year to show you that he was truly serious about getting his financial house in order.

If your friend acted in the same way as the Obama Administration, the following chart shows what spending cuts he'd be willing to make over the next year. Five different salaries are provided to account for different wage earners:

If that's all he was prepared to cut,
would you still give him the loan?

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