Friday, January 02, 2009

9-Year Old Relationship Expert

I think Amy Alkon better watch her back, because young Alec Greven may soon be biting at her heels!

7 Tips Here. I'm already taking notes and will bring them on every date!


nachtwache said...

Pretty good for a 9 year old :)

Pelalusa said...

Don't you think he was probably coached by overambitious parents?!

nachtwache said...

Hmmm, possibly, since most kids don't think things through like that. But you do get exceptions. There was Craig (something), I can't recall his surname, who was maybe even younger when he started to raise money for a school in Africa, so they could have water. He's done a lot more since. To get a book published, he'd had to have help.
At that age boys usually pick on the girl they like :)