Monday, January 19, 2009

Elizabeth May Embarrasses Herself on CKNW

For someone supposedly so well educated, the Green Party's Elizabeth May truly seems to enjoy making a complete fool of herself on a regular basis. Today she appeared on CKNW, renewing her standing as Canadian Federal Political Village Idiot. At the risk of temporarily lowering your IQ, you can listen to her by clicking here (7:30).

One caller pointed out how May has had to alter her language, now being forced to use the term "Climate Change" rather than "Global Warming" - because of the extreme cold being experienced by people the world over. In response to this, May said that she has always used "Climate Change". Sure Lizzie, sure.

Note: This image has NOT been photoshopped. Please click here to further investigate this clearly wasteful, environmentally unsound use of trees.

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