Friday, January 30, 2009

Vancouver in Late January


Raphael Alexander said...

The tower in your third photograph is the one I'm working on.

Pelalusa said...

Very cool! Do you know who some of the major occupants in this new bldg will be?

If you ever take any photographs from up there, please do let me know! I bet that on a sunny day, the views must be spectacular!

Raphael Alexander said...

I'm afraid I don't know who will be moving into the upper floors. The hotel is from 1-22, there's a 23 maintenance floor, and then 24-46 are the suites, some have double-height views on the south side. 47 and 48 are the penthouse and they're just finishing the pouring for those.

The views are just unbelievable up there. Friday morning was a spectacular show of light. I got a few photographs, but I'm waiting for a friend to upload them off his iPhone. I'll certainly pass them along. Mount Baker looks awesome from up there. It's pretty cool because as you get higher the views are really worth the money. From the 37th floor you can finally start seeing the Pacific ocean as it spreads out to the western horizon.