Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Vancouver School Board Paralyzed by Virus

Something very odd has been occurring at the Vancouver School Board (VSB) for about 2 weeks now. The first inkling of it was reported here on January 7th. And then again here on January 8th. Then on January 14th there was this. After that, the media has gone silent.

But my sources inside the VSB have unequivocally stated that it has paralyzed the work of all public school teachers and other VSB employees in Vancouver. This flies directly in the face of what the VSB's David Weir claimed: "It was a nuisance virus that caused challenges, but it’s not a destructive virus. No student data is at risk."

I did some more research and found this student forum from Point Grey Secondary. The virus in question is reportedly called "Win32.Krap.b trojan":

Something just doesn't sound right with all of this. Too often, when people in the I.T. business don't know what the problem is, they blame a virus.

I have some direct questions which I wish the mainstream media would ask senior executives at the VSB:

  1. How come there is no news about this "virus" attacking other organizations and large companies?
  2. How many computers at the VSB have been infected with the virus?
  3. How many people do you have working on removing the virus from your computers?
  4. Based on the person-hours required to remove the virus, do you expect to be completely up & running in days, weeks, or months?
  5. What is the estimate of how many teacher-hours have been lost over the past 2 weeks?
  6. Why have you not gone to an outside I.T. firm to get this problem resolved much sooner?
  7. Precisely what steps are you taking to minimize the chances of this massive computer shutdown in the future?

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