Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Personal Reflections

Because of my family history, with my father born in Germany in 1931, I cannot help but make comparisons between 1944-45 Europe and 2008 Gaza. Different times, different wars, different people but striking resemblances indeed there are.

Every time I hear a condemnation of Israel, I think about whether it would have also been applied to the Allied Forces. Every time I hear a moral equivalency argument made about Israel and the Palestinians, I think about whether it would have been made about the Allied Forces and Nazi Germany. Every time I hear about innocent civilians being hurt or killed - I am naturally saddened and feel grief for the Palestinian families - but then I also wonder if calls were made to stop the advance of the Allied Armies toward Berlin.

To think that some people making such ludicrous arguments back then didn't exist would be naive. To think that so many today have learned NOTHING from history both saddens and appalls me. Just like the people of my father's homeland made a terrible mistake, which had to be stopped in its tracks, so must Hamas & Iran as well. For the leaders of these two tyrannies I will shed no tears.

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