Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pro-Terrorism Rally in Toronto

Free Speech is a great thing and should always be promoted. But given the right of free speech doesn't guarantee that the speaker will utter anything remotely intelligent.

Here are some observations:

  • Clearly non-Jewish protesters posing as Jews
  • The Che Guevera flags (do they even know a thing about what he actually did?)
  • Multiple supporters screaming with glee about how Israel would be wiped off the map
  • Any attempt at peaceful dialogue by the protesters was clamped down upon by the "organizers"
  • The frenzied screaming of "Allah Akbar" such as we see in incensed mobs in Pakistan and other Muslim countries
  • Were the formally printed signs made by the same people who wanted to recently overthrow our democratically elected government with The Coalition?
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Darcy Meyers said...

Same sign makers as the coalition, very funny, and sadly probably true.