Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snapshot of Canadian Politics

My time away from Canada has separated me from watching the spectacle of the sport that we call Politics. Returning a couple of days ago, sure it's fun to watch the Video Professor come to the realization that his brightest moment in the sun has now passed.

And I almost spat out my coffee yesterday when I heard a fellow call into Vancouver's CKNW and condemn Harper for not increasing EI to 2 years! He thought this was a terrible injustice and not very "Christian" of our PM.

But in the bigger picture, I can't help from thinking that with all of the parties we're just watching a well rehearsed stage play, with each actor playing his role to keep us entertained.

Last night I received an e-mail from a fellow on Facebook who created an anti-Coalition group. He's super ecstatic about the budget and even more so that the Coalition is now dead.

But I can't get very excited. I pointed out to him that the Conservative Party is no longer a conservative party. Oh sure, they're clearly the least worst choice but what REAL efforts did they make to control spending? I don't see much.

And now we have a new deficit of tens of billions of dollars and everyone is ecstatic? Sorry, but count me out of that Conga line.

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