Sunday, January 11, 2009

Old Photos

I decided to scan a bunch of old photos today. They're presented here in chronological order:

Late 1960's

The back side of what is now City Square. It was where I went to Kindergarten.
1975: My brother & I each earned $1.00 for one week's worth of chores. What could you get a kid to do these days for one buck?
1989: Underground in Lynn Lake, Manitoba, where I worked for a subsidiary of Sherritt-Gordon. Note the mustache experiment - a big failure!
1990: Here's the snow on the ground on Feb. 16th. A reminder to all of us that there may be more snow to come!
1993: With my parents at Dim Sum after my first visit to Hawaii.
1997: In Acapulco, Mexico with my girlfriend, her son, and other friends too.
My Mexican girlfriend, Laura, and her 7 year-old son, Danny.


Walter Schultz said...


I hope that this is still your girlfriend. Fantástico!


Pelalusa said...

Sadly, no. But perhaps you know why I have a special place in my heart for Latinas!