Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Seattle Sushi Recommendation

I was asking some Seattle friends about great sushi restaurants and they highly recommended this one:

515 S. Main Street

"If you are more of an advanced sushi eater, then I recommend sitting at the bar and ordering omakase (chef's choice) for sushi. Only do this if you enjoy the more traditional forms of nigiri such as uni (sea urchin), clam, tako (octopus), etc. If you prefer the more standard types of sushi (unagi (eel), salmon, tuna), then make sure to tell the chef so. Sho is the chef's name and he's very friendly - just talk to him. By the way, it's a very small place, so unless you're willing to wait, my suggestion is to not go during peak times (i.e. Friday night 6 - 8pm is very busy)."

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