Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Anti-Jewish Hatred Flourishing Amongst Canada's "Progressives"

It has gotten so bad in the Liberal blogosphere that several prominent Canadian Liberal bloggers have realized that damage is now occurring to the Liberal Party brand. They are in full damage control, posting items such as these (click on the images to read) :

Make no mistake, I do feel sorry for the likes of fellows like Jason Cherniak and Jeff Jedras. But unfortunately they belong to a party that has more than a few Radical Left thugs within, some of whom will not be satisfied until Israel no longer exists. Do you realize how incredibly sick this is? It is pretty much on the same wavelength of the mentality of the Germans during World War 2.

The Conservatives once had a problem with Fundamentalist Christians "ruling the roost", so to speak. But Harper, to his credit, has greatly moderated the party. So will the Liberals, though if the volume of anti-Jewish comments is any barometer, then they have a LONG way to go. Fortunately for these spewers of hate, no conservative will give legitimacy to the Kangaroos Courts aka the "Human Rights" Commissions. The fact is, one Quebec blogger did, purely as a test, and discovered that hatred towards Jews and Christians is perfectly fine to the "progressive" thinkers behind the thrones of the HRCs.

Is this the Modern Canada that Pierre Trudeau had in mind?

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