Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Brilliant Comment from Small Dead Animals

I read a comment on Small Dead Animals this morning that deserves reposting:

Every leftie should have to join a 12-step program because they are deep in the throes of co-dependency. "Victims" (read Palestinian Gazans) are never responsible for the mess they're in; it's always someone else's fault. 'No need to call the Palestinians to account for their behaviour because they're so obviously (sic) victims.

In the Hamas-Israeli conflict, the leftist brain computes that because Hamas has more casualties it's OBVIOUSLY the Israelis who are at fault--and the Palestinians that need the West's support. The leftist brain seems unable to factor in the the Israelis' competency in protecting their citizens, whereas the Palestinians seem quite happy to ensure collateral damage in their citizenry by storing their weapons arsenals amongst their wives and children. Hey, good way to gain the sympathy of the useful leftist idiots.

It's a curious blindness to see only the "victims'" plight and not their participation in their own misfortune. It's misplaced compassion to think that you can help victims by swathing them in cotton batten when, in fact, you're actually ghettoizing them twice: first, by giving them a pass in their original dysfunction and second, by consigning them to their squalid lives by requiring no responsibility or accountability--in other words, others must fix the situation, not the victims.

The leftist brain needs help.

Posted by: batb at January 6, 2009 7:44 AM

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