Friday, January 09, 2009

The Longest and Most Elegant Comment Ever

Last June I added this posting about Dr. Anne Wortham. Sadly, the video of her talking was removed from YouTube. And it's a shame that there's so little on the Internet about her because she is a truly brilliant person. In many ways she is the Left's worst nightmare because:

  • She's a woman
  • She's African American
  • She's extremely eloquent
  • She disagrees with the Radical Left entirely!
My posting without the video is pretty much nothing but for some reason it attracts a lot of attention and some of the longest, most passionate comments ever seen on my blog. A new one just arrived, from an American in Japan. It deserves reposting here, though before reading it you might want to go to the original posting and read what's there, to put everything in context.

I can't agree with M.LaMarre, and setting the obvious arguments against Socialism aside, I would bring up the fact that there are physical hurdles to success and there are internal personal hurdles. You only address the former.

These restrictions to success need more than just "to be opened" and all shall be cured.

Success is a process, not a passage, not a line in the sand.

People can't be awarded success, anymore than they can be awarded knowledge, pride, or prowess in action. A man can be successful in one area and less-so in others. The battles we fight are diverse! One man may think his life has meaning by himself playing a guitar well, and another, by being a good husband and provider.

To another, success is being skilled at robbing from the rich and giving to the poor, and I suspect that is where LaMarre, in his/her ignorance fits in the grand scheme.

It is the challenges that make success something that is rewarded. In "moving the boxes" or striving towards the "door" as LaMarre calls it, true value is earned. Value is created, not bestowed.

We gain value in our life by becoming better people, and we all have to start at some level. We are born on some level and work up if we have the desire, or stay put, or sink.

Going through the door doesn't mean you become a better person, because there isn't a door; there is continuation of life. The "full realization of self" comes from the self. You can't give it to anyone, no mater how much you want to.

"Forgive us (because)we reject and abandon (America) and that stale ass argument and mindset that have dominated America for far too long."

An interesting mindset you have, and I place my cards on the table, and counter your false interpretation with facts:

The "reality" that the Victory of Vietnam, was our leaving it alone. 1,100 US soldiers were killed each year for ten years, and 3 million Vietnamese died in the three years following this victory. That was good? No more "real" than Pro-choice, where the one who has to die has no choice. That is good?

Millions died and continue to die for these "liberal realities," yet you talk of boxes. As our world turns to liberal ideology, it doesn't get better. It gets profoundly worse. The boxes you build are no less a box just because you build them.

LaMarre, I don't forgive you and can't join you in your delusion. I remember history too well, and see now too clearly.

I live in Japan. I am one of the few that moved from America. Not because I hate it, but because I love the principles it is built on. They are needed in more places in this world. Even Japan.

I am not trying to take from the rich and give to the poor, I am trying to give hope to all.

There are challenges here. I didn't come here because there were fewer challenges; I came here to be part of humanity. There is no substitute for freedom, and the opposite of freedom isn't war, it is slavery.

Liberal slavery, even well intended, is still slavery.

Freedom, even conservative, is still freedom. I would rather be free and poor, than equal and level in chains. The world has been dominated by chains for too long. Obama and his ilk hold the chains out and people like you, LaMarre, are all to happy to slap them on people like me.


C_miner said...

That is a good post. Classical Liberalism (note the capital) calls for equality of opportunity. What one chooses to do with said opportunities is where free will and personal drive come into the picture. I have chosen to watch my kids grow up, and hence will not rise as high on the corporate (or private consulting, should I chose that option) ladder. Those who will work 60 hour weeks as a standard are more likely to get promoted than those who work 40 and hit the door running to get home.

To me, success is a happy and healthy homelife. I'll work the extra hours when required to have a nicer home or more toys as part of that homelife, but I will not chose a "promotion" that keeps me from spending any time at home. I expect to get passed in my career by those who think money or power is how you keep score. There are boxes to be moved to get to the top of the profession that I'm not willing to move, I'd rather be tickling a toddler or hugging my wife.

Methinks that LaMarre's "Forgive us for wanting to open doors for freedom..." is equality of outcome, the antithesis of classical Liberalism. I do note, however, the classic liberal (note the lack of capital) error of assuming that anyone who disagrees with said liberal does not see reality as it exists. And yet this certainty comes from folks who often say that there is no right way to look at the world, that all views are equally valid. That validity sure disappears quickly when you disagree with them, doesn't it?

Pelalusa said...

I am truly blessed to receive two inspirational & eloquent blog comments in one day!

You are a good man, sir and your children are most lucky to have such a loving dad in their lives!

As for Radical Left thugs like LaMarre, I'm reminded of when I meet people who too frequently profess how "open minded" they are, reality turns out to be quite different when you choose not to drink their Kool-Aid.