Saturday, September 06, 2008

Yet Another Sarah Palin Rumour Disproved!

Remember the rumour in the left-wing blogosphere earlier this week that Sarah Palin had an affair with her husband's business partner? Curious as to why you're no longer hearing anything about it? Read this.

At last count, the Sarah Palin False Smear Count is now at 55. Fifty-five false rumours spread about her. Imagine a basketball player standing at the free throw line and missing after 55 times. Do you think he'd still have a job? Yet some of these smears have been reported by actual paid journalists ... or should I say "journalists". Yet they keep working without any questions asked by their employer. Journalism in the Year 2008: Fascinating, absolutely fascinating!

Update#1: It's now later the same day and the Smear Count has increased to 66 (sixty-six).

Update #2: The rumour count is now up to 71. The Keeper of the Count appeared on Fox News today:


johnschochet said...

If you read the "55 rumors" link, you'll see that many of them are actually true. Also, she massively increased the debt of Wasilla when she was mayor, took in a volume of federal pork for her town many times higher than the national per-capita average, supported the "bridge to nowhere" before later falsely bragging about opposing it, and gave her best wishes in an official greeting video to the quasi-secessionist Alaska Independence Party. Note that none of these things has anything to do with her personal or family life.

johnschochet said...

I mean that none of the items I listed in my comment are personal items about Palin or her family.

Pelalusa said...

Point taken!