Saturday, September 06, 2008

Daily Kos Update

I've read in recent days that many of the false rumours about Sarah Palin, emanated from assorted Daily Kos diaries. So this evening I decided to read some as a source of infotainment:

Anderson Cooper -- everything wrong with America
The writer lambasts Cooper on several issues related to a story about "Troopergate" that he did on CNN this past evening. There are several great quotes from this angry fellow, but here are my favourites:

  1. "He chooses to amplify a Republican narrative that Sarah Pailin is a star, instead of choosing the Democratic narrative that she's a freakin' liar and totally unprepared for this job." - Why on earth would Cooper be choosing either "narrative"? Why not just report it in the most balanced possible way? There are clearly 2 sides to this story and nothing has yet been decided.
  2. "He puts the focus on victim, instead of the person who abused power." - We can only hope that there are no journalists or journalism students who learn their trade through the Daily Kos!
  3. "It makes him complicit in the great right wing effort to destroy the notion of objective truth because only by making people think there is no truth can they continue to destroy the country while selling themselves as the answer. Anderson Cooper, you are everything wrong with public life in America today." - Can you read this diatribe without bursting out laughing when you get to the term "objective truth"? How profound, how righteous! Imagine two people like this going through a divorce hearing. No wonder lawyers make so much money!! :-)

Sarah Palin: My Alaskan Opinion
This fellow was a bit more balanced in the beginning but then eventually shifted into a 5th Gear Rant against her later on. Little did I know until I read this that Governor Palin is herself the Instrument of Extinction for the Polar Bear!! This writer makes the terrible mistake of treating speculation and theory as fact and then drawing conclusions thereafter.

In this case, he has concluded that Man-made Global Warming is an undeniable fact (a la Al Gore). Clearly that is completely false. The subject is very much an unresolved issue. The DailyKos writer cited one reference. Let me provide two, here and here. Does this make me 2/3 correct and thus I'm right and he's wrong? Not at all. Just like God and black holes and women are complex mysteries (the latter to me anyway), so is global warming. To assume that you are absolutely correct about such things is the height of arrogance. To debate complex scientific issues when you don't remotely understand the science behind them is the height of ignorance. Disclaimer: If it turns out that our Daily Kos writer is indeed the world authority on global warming and computer modeling and has yet unreleased definitive proof then I will sincerely and profusely apologize for my last statment!

My Sculptural Gift to the GOP
Oooh, how profound, how clever! Goodness knows if she submitted this to the Arts Council of Canada, she'd probably get a $500,000 grant to build larger ones to be placed across the street from every American embassy in Canuckistan.

One question: Do you think this woman goes around saying she loves her country?


The Island North
This person tries to provide a pseudo-scientific explanation of why the ice melting in the Arctic is responsible for the hurricanes now coming at the Caribbean and the U.S. Sarah Palin isn't directly blamed for global warming, though the Republicans pretty much are. Why do I think that a future DailyKos posting will connect the certain extinction of polar bears with future hurricanes destroying New Orleans? Just askin'.

Private Jets: Good or Bad? McCain Campaign is Confused
Quick summary: Sarah Palin will be flying on a jet during the election campaign so she's a bad, bad person. Curious that there's no mention of how Obama will be getting around. Forest Gump style perhaps? Nor any mention of the liberal entertainment elites in Hollywood and New York City who can't seem to stop flying from Coast to Coast to Coast.

Okay, I now officially have a headache. How can people read this stuff day after day after day?!? I've been asked not to use the word "hate" but what else would propel people to publish such half-baked, hypocritical, often factually inaccurate or downright false postings? And yet the mainstream media seems to get their walking orders and story ideas from these wackos. Look for Anderson Cooper to redeem for his sins next week! Finally, don't these writers and their legions ofcommenters realize that people not friendly to their cause are reading this stuff? How can they not realize that it's absolutely destroying Obama's campaign? That's the biggest question I simply don't get.

As General McAuliffe of the 101st Airborne said to the German invitation to surrender, NUTS!!!

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