Saturday, January 03, 2009

A Sampling of "Moderate" Muslims

Facebook is a strange & peculiar place at times. Any user is able to create any group that they wish. Many of these groups are public, which anyone can join. Several Muslims have decided to create different versions of "I Hate Israel" groups. Thousands, upon thousands, of people have joined. Perhaps these would be the "moderate" Muslims we keep hearing about?

If you're a Facebook member, then take a look at this group. Here's a sampling of some of the comments therein:

  • "if israel was a person, i wont kill em until it get the worst toprture ever, fuck israel fuck everybody who support israel" - Youssef Karmoun, University of Malaga Grad Student, Spain
  • "Israel is a FAKE country, not even a country, just a band of criminals!!" - Said Ghaleb, Morocco
  • "STOP EXPLAINING AND APOLOGIZIN,YES i hate jewish.they paid & still paying 2 kill palestinians and hve th3ir own country on other's land,coz they r nawar gitanes thiefs murderers sneeky and liars,every single jewish is paying tax to israel.we have to make them feel what they made palestinians feel, i hate jewish here & there & everywhere.maya from lebannnnnnnnoooooooooooooo
    ooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.proud to hate jewish,wait for us & u will see.i hve a wish:get invited to where i can find jewish,i wish to take the revenge of GAZA." - Rana Sabouni
  • "hatred is not enough let's do something more .these SAUVAGES and MURDERERS ?DESERVE MORE THAN JUST HATRE" - Hanaa Naoumi
  • "We should all pray to Allah to eradicate Izrael!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    !!!!!!!!!! (But Oh!!Well we have known since the creation of the Qu'ran Al Kareem that the situation in Palestine was going to remain this way or perhaps get even worse)" - Alaoui Fdili Zineb, Richmond UK 2011 student, London
  • "NO way to accept the crimes comited in Palestine today, just like we never accepted the crimes comited in 2006 in Lebanon. We don't hate israel because of their nationality, their race, their religion or they colour of skin, but only beacause of they are Killers and nothing else. And this is note antisemitism, beacause of they are Ashkenaze, and Ashkenaze are from Europe, and caucasian, not hebrew! (even if their religion is judaism)" - Salim C.
  • "join us all against israel group from austria" - Samir Oulhaj, FH Technikum Wien Grad Student, Austria (Note: There's something more than a little spooky about the coincidence of where this fellow lives! Also, his first name has 5 letters and his last name has 6. Hmmm, who does that remind me of?!?)
  • "Allahu Akbar! When Israelis commit Genocide, they call it self defense! When Palestinians defend themselves, the media calls it terrorism! Allah will decide between the two parties!" - Drew AnZhu Ahmad Marshall, Delaware Alumni 2007, Delaware USA

Welcome to 2009! :-(


David in North Burnaby BC said...

Yes, there's never been a shortage of anti-Semites and something like Israel having the nerve to fight back brings every Jew-hater in the world out from under their rock.
Truly nauseating to note how many infest the MSM.

Pelalusa said...

David, yesterday on Sean Leslie's show he took the risk of talking about the situation in crisis and then taking calls. Sure enough it was Vancouver's #1 Jew Hater, Gary, followed by two equally stupid women.

Later, Leslie regretted opening up the phones because it's the same old haters calling up each & every time.