Saturday, September 06, 2008

Prospective McCain-Palin Appointees?

In the interest of fair play, especially toward my friend John, and specifically in relation to this posting, I got to wondering if Sarah Palin might insist that these two brothers be appointed as the Head of the Food & Drug Administration and the Secretary of Education in a McCain-Palin administration:
And you thought last week was exciting? Imagine the first week of these guys in their new roles!


johnschochet said...

Probably not; more likely that Harper makes these guys co-governors general when Michele Jean's term is up.

PelaLusa said...

I've actually thought about who the next GG will be. Moving down the politically correct spectrum, I expect that she will be a transgendered native woman who is missing at least one limb. And she'll be from or near Quebec. They always are.

nachtwache said...

I have more faith in Harper, he makes some good decisions. P., your comment was definitely not politically correct. :)