Saturday, September 06, 2008

What Do Creationists Think About Sarah Palin?

In the past few days more than a few right-wing pundits have predicted that in the coming weeks there will be an enormous number of "news" stories about Fundamentalist Christians across America. The pundits have further predicted that each of these stories will subtlety or perhaps even explicitly try to connect Sarah Palin in with these folks. The underlying message of each story would then be, "Do you really want a person one heartbeat away from the presidency who believes the same thing as these right-wing Christian whack jobs?!"

Coming at this possibility from an interesting different angle is right-of-center blogger, Charles Johnson, on his extremely popular Little Green Footballs site. Here's the posting. It's an important primer for all fair-minded people, in preparation for the possible maelstrom ahead.

Incidentally, in case you're not familiar with Johnson, he was a key player in exposing Dan Rather and CBS News for their shoddy "journalism" in the fall of 2004, which including tried to pass off phoney documents as real ones. Many felt this was an attempt by CBS News to prevent George Bush from being reelected that year. It's a very fascinating story and was a landmark event in the history of new media arguably replacing old media as the de facto source of where people get their news and information from.


nachtwache said...

Pssst, don't tell, but I believe that God created the earth, I guess that makes me one. I don't think I'm a crazy right winger.
You already know that I like her. She's so real and seems to have good common sense and decency, which Capitol Hill could really use.

PelaLusa said...

I meant no offense to Christian fundamentalists. In case I wasn't clear enough though, the predicted attacks against Palin will focus on whether she takes the bible literally - ie. shares the same Creationist views.

Raised as a Roman Catholic, I've actually read several of the books of the Old Testament. They're nice stories but even when I was a young child, I assumed they were metaphors, written by men to communicate to others. A little like this. :-)