Thursday, September 04, 2008

Mark Steyn is Back!

Not full time but he couldn't resist commenting this morning, after Sarah Palin's great speech last night. You can read him here and here.

A segment of the second item deserves to be reprinted:

As National Review's in-house demography bore, I've been struck this last week by the left's fierce hostility to Sarah Palin's fecundity. One gentleman - well, okay, maybe not a "gentleman" but certainly an impeccably sensitive progressive new male - wrote to me from Shelton, Washington:

This abortion prohibitionist hag won’t cut it among women with brains. And BTW she is a good example of reproduction run amok. 5 kids; 1 retard. I wonder if the bitch ever heard of getting spayed.

Each to her own, Mister Sensitive.

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