Thursday, September 04, 2008

Analysis of the 3 Lines of Attacks Against Sarah Palin

The MSM and left-wing bloggers made a major tactical decision to attack Sarah Palin, soon after she was announced as McCain's running mate. The attacks have been three fold:

  1. Experience
  2. Personal against her
  3. Personal against her family
The smarter folks focused solely on experience. Fair enough ... under normal circumstances. Except that their #1 guy has a great vacuum of experience himself. So every attack on Palin's experience raised obvious questions about Obama's.

The personal attacks against her were very strange. Is "catty" still a valid term? Most seemed to be of that ilk, often coming from liberal female columnists. Perhaps that's typical coffee clutch chatter but is it fit for print? Me thinks not. This line of attacks brought up these obvious questions:
  • Would questions of managing one's family life and political life ever be asked of a man?
  • Would his hairstyle?
  • His general appearance?
  • The fact that he goes hunting?
  • The fact that he comes from a small state?
Me thinks not.

But the pièce de résistance were the personal attacks against her family - namely her daughter Bristol, her newly born son Trig, and her husband Todd. They started with a ridiculous story about Bristol being the actual mother of Trig and then went on from there. It was bad enough for so-called mainstream "journalists" to be doing stories on these items, but then even after the disgust started flowing back at them like a tsunami, some of them even defended their actions!

It's clear that many in the MSM still don't understand the power and scope of the Internet. Inflammatory pieces they publish for public consumption have two distinct effects:
  1. Rev up to a fever pitch the wingnuts who agree with them.

  2. Deeply offend and anger those who don't.
Dropping a stone in a pond has the effect of creating ripples far beyond its initial impact. Now that Joe & Jane Average American have ready access to the Internet and search engines like Google, a similar phenomenon to that pond occurs when a "stone" is dropped in it.

Because of his race, Barack Obama is a sympathetic figure. But the Obama campaign and the MSM have quickly discovered that Sarah Palin is an even more sympathetic figure. She might be a self-described "pitbull with lipstick" but she's still a woman and a mother. So any attacks against her that appear to be even remotely unfair or sexist will only garner more support for her and the Republican ticket. In terms of political cachet, the Obama campaign has been holding a strong Full House, but John McCain, being the unpredictable maverick that he is has pulled out what may be at least Four-Of-A-Kind and perhaps even a Reagan-like Royal Flush.

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