Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Heather Mallick: Liberal Elitist Trash

Just when one thought the personal attacks against Sarah Palin couldn't get any worse, coming out of the taxpayer funded CBC we have the most vile one yet. If you can't get through it without wanting to smash your computer monitor, then you can read a summary here:

...Sarah Palin ... fit of pique ... the white trash vote ... sexual inadequates ... she isn't even female really ... Alaska hillbilly ... "white trash" ... trailer trash ... rural, loud, proudly unlettered ... toned-down version of the porn actress ... overtreated hair, puffy lips ... "pramface" ... roughneck fuckin' redneck ... prodding his daughter ... ratboy ... fizzing with rage and revenge ... vicious and profoundly dishonest ... good fast listing... nervous wreck with deeply strange hair ... the hick vote ... ordinary hillbilly ... racism? ... racism ... "rectal fissure" ... tense no-hoper ladies ... white female marginals ...

And all of this from one Heather Mallick, who would tell you with great conviction that she is an objective journalist and classy woman. Clearly neither is true. She's the postergirl for what one might term as a "blueneck".

I believe in free speech. Absolutely. But has not Ms. Mallick crossed a line ... wayyyyyy over?! Had this been a conservative journalist saying such things, what do you think the repercussions would have been?

Also, should Canadian women who live in rural Canada still have to pay anything toward the CBC? Perhaps the percentage of funding coming from rural Canada should be cut for a year and then Ms. Mallick can explain why to her colleagues?

I won't be launching a hate speech complaint against her with the Canadian "Human Rights" Commission, but I have to wonder if the American Embassy in Ottawa might demand an apology. Never have I seen something this dreadfully hateful & pathetic in the Canadian media.

Update: Here are some interesting comments on the CBC site:

To any Americans checking out this site: This vile woman, Heather Mallick, does not speak for the vast majority of Canadians. She lives in a part of the country so full of itself, so out-of-touch with reality, that they continue to elect no-good Liberals who have done nothing for this country but divide the country, lie, cheat and steal millions of our tax-payer dollars. I will defend Mallick's right to say stupid things, but I also have the right to tell her how stupid and ignorant she is. And you are seeing plenty of backlash on this site from plenty of Canadians.

Ms Mallick is neither a journalist nor a feminist. Typical liberal who has the audacity to lump all those persons who do not possess a "MA in English" into the white trash category. It's interesting to note that that very demographic is who the democrats profess to work for - ' the blue collar worker', the poor, the undereducated, etc. Why then are Obama's supporter's often upper class, rich, university educated people with ideals towards a utopian society with little understanding of the realistic applications or consequences of these world views. They should get out into their own communities a do some community organizing themselves if they really want to effect change where they live.

Palin not female! What's that supposed to mean? You may not agree with her politics, but I would think that if you are indeed a feminist that you would appreciate what she has accomplished as a woman - and to think, she did it without an ivy league education.

Yeah, Heather, yeah, get it out of your system: Republican men are "sexual inadequacies", Republican woman belong to "Citizen's for a Tackier America", and Sarah Palin, Sarah Palin, she's "white trash" an "Alaska Hillbilly" (clever, that one), "not even a female, really", they're shitty parents...and on and on and on. And yet, despite all the vitriol, Heather, depite the loathing, and reguritated bile you still prove yourself to be a coward. You don't just despise Republicans in general and Sarah Palin in particular for their lack of sophistication (which you, of course, have by the carload), their country, lowbrow, crotch-scratching vulgarity (which is so foreign to urban royalty like, well like YOU), what you want and don't have the guts to say is that you want to see them dead. Filth like that isn't fit to even live, right Heather? Moral, social, intellectual degenerates like them filthy up and dilute the gene pool. See, Palin even has a retard kid. She could have aborted it, too like a decent woman would but she DIDN'T. She's a mad dog and deserves to die, doesn't she, Heather?

Why don't you have some real guts and say what you REALLY mean, Heather? Stalin did. Che did. They were the kind of uber men you're modelling, aren't they? A real woman doesn't hold back. Go on, Heather, go for broke. Let us see you in full. I'm sure people would be impressed and you'd win even more people to your side. Your kind of person would love it. They always do.

Just read Heather Mallick. Wow I always had just great respect for Canadians - I am so disappointed. I thought you were all so above this sort of thing

Her white trash article on Sarah Pailin is not worth repeating - for shame for shame for shame - how dare you call her white trash - and who are you to be so smug, condescending and elitist? Who made you God?

I am an educated independent who shoots arrows, guns, am a hockey mom, a gymnast mom, a tennis mom, a musical theater mom and an opera mom, wow I must be white trash - who knew.. and I work for Harvard!

Sarah Palin is a real person, a breath of fresh air - she is all of us: hockey moms with tough lives, families, careers and smarts. I hope she wins and puts you all to shame.


uppitywoman08 said...

Hello, American Democrat and No-Obama blogger here. I just quoted you and linked you in my blog re: Mallick. Holy cow, where did you guys get HER?

Anyways, I suggest you put comment moderation on, because my blog is read by 7000 people a day and also published at a large site named No Quarter. I am sure the Obamazoids will be leaving Mallick type comments. Birds of a feather....

uppitywoman08 said...

I fixed the post to HE. Stop over to your thread and say hi.


Pelalusa said...

Thank you for linking! It is critically important for all Americans to understand that Canadians are not the peaceful, gentle people you've long perceived us to be. Oh sure, there are a few of us of that ilk remaining but the fact is that since 1968, when Pierre Trudeau took power, Canada has been on a seemingly unstoppable slide down into the socialist abyss.

Heather Mallick exemplifies EVERYTHING that is wrong with my country. She thinks she is better & smarter than you and everyone else except for her little group of liberal elites. They attend the same parties, have the same friends, even breed together. They absolutely feel it is their God-given right to rule Canada ... even though many of them are devout atheists, preferring to worship the likes of Al Gore and Messiah Obama.

Excellent background on Ms. Mallick's ever dwindling career can be found here. Read that and you'll better understand how deeply troubled this woman is. The fact is that unbridled hate can have the effect of losing one's job. This applies equally to CBC hacks as it does to certain past leaders of Germany.

Anonymous said...

who on earth gave this biatch a PC, somebody take it away from her, a dang a$$ canadian calling us white trash, get her off here , send her back where she came from for gods sake, what an insult, but what can one expect , you people are all afraid somebody is finally going to clean up the mess in washington, a new broom is coming, you all better watch out

Anonymous said...

I am very ashamed of the comments of ths (less than female in comparison to Senatory Palin)and so called "educated journalist" and to know that we have fought hard to keep CBC alive only to have it further tarnished by this crap.

If you don't like the politics, fine, attack the politics, leave the personal digs of the ones who care enough to serve alone as far as using the personal degrading and cheap shots in order to get your 5 minutes of fame.

One may also keep her nose in her own country's politics as we have our own politicians that have much more you can call them besides rednecks!!!!

Time for this "lady" to look for a new job and/or start therapy for her obvious shortcomings that make her want to lash out at others in such a vulgar way.

I suggest CBC look at this very seriously and put the interest of the corporation and country against the narrow minded cheap shots of Ms? Mrs? or Mr? Mallick.

This is NOT how we want Canada represented!!!