Monday, September 08, 2008

Early Predictions on the Canadian Election

I found the comments on Kate McMillan's blog most interesting. Here's the comment I left:

Interesting read, all! I started off this election campaign appearing on Roy Green's show on the Corus network. Five of us from across the country will be part of his panel every Sunday. Not too long today but great fun.

I'm optimistic that Dion will ... well, be Dion, and mess things up completely. I'm not speaking about his challenges with English, which I will never criticize him for, but simply the strange comments that come out of his mouth at times. I actually think he means well but I've known too many absent minded professors in my time to take any of them all too seriously.

Assuming that the Liberals do implode, at least in the West, what will liberal voters do with their vote? Conservatives? NDP? Park it with the Greens? Skip the election entirely?

The biggest laugh I had today was Jack Layton's opening speech, comparing himself to "the significant change occurring in the U.S. presidential election". Of course he was referring to Obama but did Olivia [Chow] keep him in a freezer for the past week? He seemed to be in deep denial about the enormous change that has occurred down there, now that most middle-class Americans have discovered their REAL hero. Then when I later saw this - I began to think of Jack more in the role of the past Iraqi Information Minister.

What I'm wondering about most is whether you think the Sarah Palin factor will have an effect, positive or negative, on The Conservatives chances of a majority government here in Canada.

Secondly, I'm wondering if the presence of Canadian conservative blogosphere will have a similar effect as in the U.S. of providing instant fact checking and pointing out similar atrocious behaviour amongst the [ultra] liberal Canadian blogosphere? In the U.S. the DailyKos is at the top of that pyramid. Here in Canada it's the CBC! Put on your hardhat and welding mask and take a look at these examples. On the very first comment I looked at I saw this gem:

Alberta has a lot of both natural wealth and monetary wealth. Unfortunately, Alberta also has all of the greed and none of the humanity. Thank Klein for that. Now that influence has produced Harper.

And a few down, this beauty:

Mr Harper the Man who could not say he loved his Country!
The Man who shook the hand of his son on his first day of school!
Let's not be fooled by the wolf in sheep's clothing.
Bush's Politics and Putin's secrecy.
Who is breaking his own rule's.
Let's send him a message he will remember.
Send him back to Alberta there's plenty of jobs there in the tar sands.

What lovely, compassionate people huh?! Makes me so proud to be a member of the Canuckistan Proletariat.

And finally, perhaps the beauty of them all. What would we all do without this enlightenment:

According to CBC radio this A.M. Mr. Harper used a 4 car motorcade to go from 24 Sussex to Rideau Hall. Apparently they are across the street from each other.
Just a little more of Stevie's environment plan.
Mr. Chretien, and Mr. Martin both walked when they decided to call elections.

So brilliant, so important, so relevant! And yet, 292 CBC MENSA members recommended that everyone read it. God help us all!!!

Should anyone wish to comment on the two major questions I've asked, I'll do my very best to summarize the comments on Roy Green's show next Sunday.

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