Monday, September 08, 2008

Another Day, Another Set of Smears

A website called "LA Progressive" (love the "progressive" bit) has slandered Sarah Palin but refuses to back down even though they clearly know they're caught in a lie. Here's the first part of it:
You can read the full thing here. People are now starting to ask questions about who precisely the site's founders, Dick and Sharon Price, are. Here's a little expose on the scoundrels. They even have their own web page on Barack Obama's site. Here's a photo of the lovely couple themselves. One has to wonder how Dick would feel about wife slandering his beautiful wife in the same way?!
There is no word from the Obama campaign as of yet condemning factually inaccurate reporting.

Now here we have an example of what at least one Obama supporter things of mentally challenged children:
Sick. Sick. Sick. But don't forget to refer to such people as "progressives", or else you might offend them.

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