Friday, March 30, 2007

John Travolta: Environmental Crusader ... or Cruiser?

While promoting his latest film, John Travolta took a little time out to preach about the dangers of global warming and how we each must do more to reduce our carbon footprint. What he wasn't so keen to talk about was that fact that at his Florida mansion he owns several jets AND HIS OWN PRIVATE RUNWAY!!! I think you'll delight in the hypocrisy here.

If you'd like to see a closeup of his house then click here. Let me be clear: I don't begrudge him for his wealth nor the fact that he owns 5 jets. But perhaps he should learn to just keep his mouth closed rather than opening it and preaching to the rest of us about how to run our lives!

1 comment:

Hillary said...

ok, that he named his son Jett is just sick. And yeah, that's a lot of hot air he's preaching if he fles planes for a hobby!