Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Anti-Semite in the BC NDP?

Anyone following politics in Canada for some time knows that BC has had perhaps the strangest politics of all for many decades. That has pretty much subsided but the bizarre meter may get a new life now that we're entering a new provincial election campaign.

Over the weekend the NDP held a nominating meeting in the riding of Vancouver-Kensington. The despicable Jinny "I make my own laws" Sims of the BCTF was defeated by a woman named Mable Elmore. I had never heard of Ms. Elmore before but now it's coming to light that she once said, "convincing union members to oppose the conflict in Iraq was difficult because of vocal Zionists in our worksites." You can read more here.

Not a surprise that a Radical Leftist (or you can use the term "Peace Activist" which she prefers) doesn't like Jews - it's pretty much par for the course here in Canada - but to be so vocal about it requires a special kind of arrogance.

Isn't it interesting, and more than a little telling, that of all the possible candidates for Vancouver-Kensington, the NDP insisted on choosing between a known lawbreaker and another who has a problem with Jews (though let's just call them "Zionists" to appease the socialist narrative). What a pathetic disgrace.

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David in North Burnaby BC said...

Fortunately, not all on the left have picked up the virus of fashionable Judenhaas, so there's still hope their voices may prevail.
BC's own Terry Glavin has written frequently and eloquently on the side of Good.