Friday, March 06, 2009

USS Missouri - Part 5

Recall that the ship is anchored beside the USS Arizona Memorial, which represents the start of World War 2.

The USS Missouri represents the end of World War 2 because it was on this ship, on September 2, 1945, while docked in Tokyo Harbor, that the Japanese signed an unconditional surrender.

At the conclusion of the tour our guide, Marc, personally thanked each & every one of the men & women in the Navy on our tour for their service and commitment to America and other nations around the world. I concurred wholeheartedly and afterwards had the great honor to talk with him at length about the U.S. Military and its profound role over the past 200+ years.

Without a doubt the Radical Left both within America and without condemn the U.S. Military every chance they get. There's no better way to describe these people than the term used by the USSR's Joseph Stalin: "Useful Idiots". Anyone who thinks that the freedom enjoyed by Americans and many other billions of people around the world is not related to the strength of the U.S. military truly has consumed copious amounts of that special "Kool-Aid" I often mention on this blog!

It was a proud day for me to visit the USS Missouri and I'm greatly indebted to Marc and the rest of the staff there!

Here's a video I've put together of my tour:

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