Sunday, March 29, 2009

Rick Wagoner Forced to Resign

Finally, some positive news! The inept CEO of GM, Rick Wagoner, is resigning. He should have done it on his own long ago. I'm not particularly thrilled that the government demanded he do so but considering all the public investment in that company, perhaps they had a good right to do so.

One has to now wonder if The Community Organizer (aka Barack Obama) is going to appoint an incompetent Democrat lackey to fill the role. That might be even worse!

Kate McMillan, over at SDA, has a somewhat different view. Here's what I wrote her:

I hear what you're saying, Kate, but my own views still lean closer to Gord's. It seems clear that Rick Wagoner was an absolute disaster as CEO of GM. The correct course of action at the start of his tenure would have been to take a firm stance and say to all, "We have become a massive old age health care rest home provider with a small loss-making automobile manufacturing division" (to borrow a line from Mark Steyn).

But instead, he went on & on & on with the status quo. Some have suggested that he, the head of the UAW, and several Michigan and federal politicians have all been in cahoots for some time.

I wish he had resigned on his own a long time ago. He has not. I desperately fear that Obama will now engineer a Democrat lackey to take over but who knows.

So I agree with you about the severe oddness of an American president interfering with a private enterprise CEO but then we'd probably both agree that no bailout with public funds should have occurred in the first place!

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