Sunday, March 01, 2009

My Mom's Last Full Day in Hawaii

After a month here in Honolulu my mom was heading home. So we made sure to do a lot!

The day started off with my observation of this pretty young lady walking these 3 dogs. How come such "friendly" women don't exist in Vancouver?!

I took my mom out for breakfast at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.

Afterwards we went for a brief walk along Waikiki Beach, where we saw this guy.
With sunshine the beach is absolutely beautiful!
These 5 police cars seemed to be lined up to give a traffic ticket to one guy! Perhaps it was Dog the Bounty Hunter?

This scene is along the south side of Diamond Head. It's a popular spot for windsurfers.

I don't know the name of these amazing flowers but they are gorgeous!

These little 2-seater cars are all over Honolulu. If you want to rent one in advance of your visit here just add 1-808 to the phone number.

The names of the streets are an adventure all on their own.

We drove over to the Kahala Hotel where they have several dolphins in various pools.
This scene looking out from the Kahala would be a picture-perfect postcard of Hawaii!
The interior of the Kahala is exquisitely elegant.
They have a wall of orchids. Here's a trio.
We then went on to Hanauma Bay.

On the way back we stopped in at Zippy's and discovered this unique blue Stop sign.
These are 2 locals I wouldn't want to mess with!
We then went up Round Top Drive and captured these birds eye photos.

Back in Waikiki we walked over to the Waikiki Beach Marriott.

There we partook in our favourite sushi restaurant (anywhere), Sansei Sushi.

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