Thursday, March 05, 2009

A Potpourri of Images

My Chicago friend, Toni, and I headed back to Kailua to devour some more of those delicious banana pancakes at Boots & Kimo's.
After I dropped her off at her hotel I drove over to this empty lot close to the Kahala Resort. I was fascinated why these beautiful dolphin statues were all over the property. Maybe someone will see this one day and inform us all!

In the back end (near Macy's) of the Kahala Mall was this interesting monument. Even from a distance I immediately knew who it was!

If you're a big Jack Lord fan then you'll be interested to watch this.

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Buckaroo said...

another fyi -- when Jack lived in town during the filming of the show he and Mrs. Lord were regulars at the grocery store, drug store, etc. at kahala. iirc Mrs. Lord was at the unveiling of the bust a few years back. Unlike your pic, most days will find Jack with several lei draped around him!