Saturday, March 21, 2009

Continued Attacks on Canadian Christians

I like CKNW's Sean Leslie. He seems like a really good guy and I enjoy his program every weekend. Today though he had this rant against our federal Minister of Science, Gary Goodyear (at 11:25).

Afterwards, he invited feedback on his thoughts. Here's what I wrote him, which to his credit, he read on-air:

Dear Sean,

Regarding your rant about Gary Goodyear, I couldn't agree with you less. For the record, I have not been a practicing Christian all of my adult life but I'm appalled by the chorus of Christian-bashing that is constantly heard by so many in the media these days.

Based on your own words in shows past, I'm guessing you would describe yourself as a secular small-L liberal. That's fine. In the same way that you are entitled to your own worldviews, so shouldn't others be entitled to theirs?

Ask yourself two questions:
  1. Would you ever dare to utter such a public rant against a government Minister who was a Fundamentalist Muslim or a Fundamentalist Sikh? You & I both know you would not for if you did, you would immediately be called a racist bigot and likely be out of a job within 48 hours. But because it's the "IN" thing to bash Christians, you feel free to chime away.

  2. Is it possible for a devout Christian to be a member of the Canadian media today and not deliberately silence themselves about their own personal views? I believe not. That should speak volumes to you about the atmosphere that your colleagues have created for journalists in Canada in 2009. Hint: Scary for some.
Robert Werner
Vancouver, BC


David in North Burnaby BC said...

Very well put, Robert, you nailed it. I missed that hour of Sean Leslie's show that day and so didn't catch this but I'm afraid it seems about Sean's speed.
The media's treatment of Goodyear has been nauseating.
Did Sean say a word about the Liberal MP who made a rabble rousing speech at a Tamil Tiger rally? Not that I've heard.
We've got notorious jihadis spreading their poison right here in BC, in the Muslim schools and the universities, but Sean Leslie goes after a Christian cabinet minister who's the target of the day.
Gutless. Disgraceful. Typical.

nachtwache said...

As a practicing Christian I want to thank you!
Live and let live, if you don't hurt anyone. I so agree.
I guess it's safe to attack Christians because they're not going to try and murder you.
It sure shows the character of those that do it. Tolerance? Only when it suits them.