Sunday, March 29, 2009

What I'm Reading

Lorrie Goldstein lambastes all of the hypocrites who participated in Earth Hour last night.

As for the rest of you, congratulations. Because if a billion people around the world joined you in turning off their lights for an hour last night, while telepathically singing Kumbaya together and giving the Earth a great, big, warm (oh !@?!@$#, I mean a "cool") hug, you just saved the equivalent amount of greenhouse gas emissions from going into the atmosphere that China emits every ... six seconds.

Mark Steyn outlines how Barack the Benevolent is going to change the fractured world into one harmonious world - his.

The 44th president is proposing to add more to the national debt than the first 43 presidents combined, doubling it in the next six years, and tripling it within the decade. But to talk about it in percentages of this and trillions of that misses the point. It's not about bookkeeping, it's about government annexation of the economy, and thus of life: government supervision, government regulation, government control. No matter how small your small business is – plumbing, hairdressing, maple-sugaring – the state will be burdening you with more permits, more paperwork, more bureaucracy.

The National Post has a comprehensive & interesting article on Canada's Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister, Jason Kenney. As someone who directly interfaces with various immigrant communities on a regular basis, I applaud his efforts in the loudest possible way!

I LOVE the fact that we have so many new immigrants from all over the world but I absolutely believe that they have a duty to learn English (or French). In fact, I think it should become a requirement to attain citizenship. Also, I believe that the self-imposed ghettos that have been created in various cities is unhealthy to the extreme.

My message to immigrants is simple: Welcome to Canada, but become a true Canadian, not a hyphenated one!

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