Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Walk Back from Chinatown

With just a few days left on my trip, I thought it was due time to partake in some Dim Sum! So I took a bus over to Chinatown. I looked at a few places I had recorded the names of but chose to go to Mei Sum, the same place I had gone last year. It was very good and comparable in taste to what one can get back in Vancouver.

My bus transfer was still good for several hours but it being a nice day, I decided to walk back to Waikiki - a distance of 4 miles.
Here's the famous Iolani Palace, home to some of Hawaii's royalty and fictional home to Steve McGarrett and his colleagues on Hawaii Five-O.
This is a look back at the downtown business sector.

I tried to give this stray cat a good scratch but he wasn't having any of it!
This is the capitol building of the 50th State of America.

These are the satellite dishes of KGMB, the local CBS affiliate.
I've never been inside the Convention Center but love the glass architecture.
IMHO this is the coolest new building in all of Honolulu. I don't know its name but on my next trip need to find a way to get up top to photograph it!

I *believe* this mural was painted by Robert Wyland.

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Buckaroo said...

indeed that is a Wyland. you can see his name to the left of the whale calf ...