Monday, March 30, 2009

The Reality of the Left: Equality or Inequality?

Dennis Prager had a fascinating discussion on his program today, which you can listen to beginning at 40:20 here.

I was curious what others thought about this so I posted the following on SDA:

American radio show host Dennis Prager spoke of something today that I wanted to throw at all of you for feedback. Paraphrasing, this is what he said:

"The Left has never been spoken about Creating Wealth, the Left is only focused on Creating Equality."

I thought about this some and the only exception I could think of is the NDP gov't in Manitoba. I haven't lived there in some time so perhaps it's the case that their policies are not Left-centered in practice?

Anyhow, in the bigger picture, what do you think of Prager's statement?

To my great delight I received this response from "ET", an female professor in Ontario:

The Left is about creating inequality. Not equality.

The Left asserts that the knowledge of 'How to live in the Best Way' exists; it is accessible to an Elite, a Chosen Set. These people have The Knowledge of The Best Way To Live. This knowledge is not found in the majority of people. Only these Few have it - They are defined as Guardians or Rulers.

The fascinating thing is that this perspective is not modern. It is not industrial. It is pre-industrial. The perspective of the Left is very much the mindset of 18th and 19th c Europe.

The class structure of pre-modern Europe consisted of an elite Landed Gentry...the people whose wealth (knowledge) wasn't made by themselves but was inherited from ancestors. Then, there was the up-and-coming mercantile merchant class - the businessmen. These people were sneered at and derided by the Landed Gentry, who scorned anyone having to 'make money' with their own work.
And..the rest were peasants, farmers, workers.

This pre-modern class elitism is exactly what is found in our modern Left. Our modern left are similar to the Landed Gentry. Their 'wealth' or knowledge isn't self-made; they are found in the universities, in the civil service...They certainly aren't in 'business'..which is condemned.

Notice how Obama condems the business and manufacturing peoples as based on 'greed'. That's such an 19th c statement..made by an elitist!

The Landed Gentry of the 18th c, who are now the modern Leftists, sneer at anyone who 'makes wealth' or 'makes knowledge'. They deride the investors, or the businessman, or industrialists, or the bankers. These people, who make the wealth - they are 'corrupt'. They merely make wealth; they are greedy.

The worker class are the people who work for wages.

The Left, the modern Landed Gentry, the modern Guardians, do NOT consider the merchant and business class as their equal! After all, merchants and businessmen are 'nouveau riche', and are 'wealthy' out of greed..not out of ancestry and 'noblesse oblige'.
And they consider the workers..ignorant and and popcorn victims of the wealthy businessmen.

The agenda of the Landed Gentry, the Left, is not to enable equality, for they reject equality. It is to reduce the power of the people who make wealth - the industrialists, the businessmen. And, in this era of voting power, they'll give this wealth..first, to themselves (they'll always have high salaries and benefits and perks in office..Recall Pelosi's perks and plane rides)...and the keep them passive and meek.

Posted by: ET at March 30, 2009 11:02 PM

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