Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Not So Serious Presidency

Rex Murphy shares his thoughts on the very strange "celebrity" presidency that has become Barack Obama's time in office. Here are a few snippets:

And where is Barack Obama in all this. Well, Mr. Obama is acting curiously. He doesn't so much preside over the crisis as act like America's chosen master of ceremonies, who appears on stage to introduce its component segments. Good patter, well-chosen appearances. There's no centre to his performance.

Mr. Obama drops in to everyday events more than he actually manages them. He's very cool, as always, but he lacks affect. He doesn't seem to connect with the great swirl of events around him. He shows up. He doesn't act. He likes to tour, and visit happy places.

Is Barack Obama leading the United States at this time? Or is he just a really cool guy with all the power in the world and not a whole lot of clues about how to use it?

It has long been said that the politicians we elect are a reflection of our collective selves. Obama is thus perfect: A non-serious president for a childish group of adults who are more interested in celebrity and entertainment than serious discussion and history.

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David in North Burnaby BC said...

Obama seems to have decided he'll stick to what he can handle and let others do the heavy lifting.