Monday, March 02, 2009

A Day of Exploration

I went out for a morning walk down to Waikiki Beach. Along the way I spotted this cool storefront advertisement for Apple's iPhone.

A few people were already out enjoying themselves.

I went out for breakfast with my mom and our friend, Toni. Then I dropped off my mom at the airport for her return flight back home. Rather than drive back to Waikiki, I decided to drive up the West side of Oahu, an area I had never explored before. I took Hwy 93 up to Waianae and then all the way north to the very end of the paved road. The scenery around here was spectacular!

Is it just my imagination are do you also see two faces in this rock formation? Click on the thumbnail to see the larger version.
I don't think this was a house but rather a futuristic looking government building.

This panorama is stitched together from several individual photos. I took them by hand and didn't do a perfect job on the left side but it does capture the majestic beauty of this incredible valley!

I *believe* this is a power plant that burns used oil to generate electricity.
Back at Waikiki in the evening I captured several photos with my camera & tripod, including this one.

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Buckaroo said...

Just a FYI -- the power plant in your pic burns garbage to produce a minority of the power on the island; our other plants [the majority of the power produce] do indeed burn crude to run their generators ...

... a Levant & Steyn fan from Honolulu