Friday, January 02, 2009

The NPA's Continued Self-Immolation

I don't follow local politics as closely as I should but this posting by David Berner caught my attention. Read the comments within, especially the one by Alex Tsakumis. There's a reference to a gentleman named Bob Ransford. I've never met him personally but Berner has spoken highly of him on numerous occasions. From everything I gather, Ransford is a bright, honourable man who wants the very best for his community and country.

Today Tsakumis published this missive. It goes into further detail about how Bob Ransford was deliberately blocked from being part of the NPA board of directors. Berner followed up with this. In his piece, Tsakumis places most of the blame at the feet of one Marko Dekovic, who sounds like a real piece of work. In this 2005 posting one commenter described him as a "Conservative Party whack job".

Dekovic currently works for MP James Moore. I've long thought highly of Mr. Moore. At the December 6th Rally for Canada at Vancouver's Library Square he is prominently featured in my video here. In his speech, he repeatedly talks about respect. Too bad Mr. Dekovic chose to offer none to Bob Ransford and to tens of thousands of NPA supporters.

I found Dekovic's expense reports rather interesting. The last time I checked, it didn't cost $1600+ to fly from Vancouver to Ottawa. Is Mr. Dekovic so important that he needs to fly Business Class? If he was flying on his own dime, would he be incurring expenses such as this:

It is beyond pathetic that the NPA allows such cancers to destroy their organization. For someone like myself is a natural voter for their party. But if they're going to let such dreadful activities go on within then people like me will find something else to do on voting day. :-(

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