Tuesday, September 02, 2008

One Twit's Reaction to Sarah Palin

Hide the children and watch this video. Be sure to catch the last bit about "Sarah Palin only being good for 2 things" :
You think this guy is radical or extreme? Not at all! Search YouTube and search the blogosphere and it's just par-for-the-course of what you'll find.

As I pointed out to him though, the more he speaks out like this, the more he's securing a victory for McCain. Such hateful reaction to Palin is clearly doing the following:

  1. Firming up the Republican base, unlike it has been so far in the campaign.
  2. Repulsing undecided voters away from the Democrats.
  3. Driving a huge hole in the false beliefs that liberalism equates to compassion.

Update: I have also encountered radical Republican supporters too, like one guy who went on & on about how the U.S. and Israel are the only countries blessed by God. I tried arguing him for awhile but when he told me that I was a socialist because I lived in Canada, I realized I was dealing with a fellow with an IQ less than 50, likely wearing an adult diaper.


md said...

In the 20 months Palin has been governor, has this idiot managed to hold down a job at McDonald's?

Anonymous said...

I thought Utube was reserved for people with IQ's above 50. This yoyo gives a new definition to jerk-off.
Beside he has ugly teeth and bad hair. Maybe his parents were half human

Anonymous said...

This guy needs to really look at the experience of BO in comparison to Palin - and stop being such a sexist PIG - get a life!

Anonymous said...

What a pathetic bunch of comments. Too bad there are so MANY of this kind of voter out there. Can you say a sentence without mucking it up with profanities?

harvey said...

Sounds like he is really afraid of her.

harvey said...

ps no point in trying to argue with or convince this kind of person using logic. Only solution is to defeat and marginalize them.