Thursday, September 04, 2008

Just Imagine . . .

David Berner is an acquaintance of mine. He's a good fellow and I agree with him on many issues. But not the current U.S. election. Here's his latest post.

Now look through the comments, keeping in mind that many of his readers hail from Metro Vancouver. Specifically be sure to look at the one underneath of mine:

David, it's called inbreeding. Lil miss creepy, from Frozen Armpits Alaska hasn't a clue about the real world and retreats to her Hollywood version of the USA and when that fails, she retreats even further to the Bible and her narrow interpretation of it.

God help us all if she were to be president. It would give new meaning to the sad Secret Service joke, If President Bush (Senior) dies in office, shoot Dan Quail.

This is what passes for liberal intelligentsia in Canada. Now, just imagine if a person ever made such a vile comment about Barack Obama.

YouTube Version (direct link) :

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