Thursday, September 04, 2008

CBC News: Liberal Bias at its Absolute Worst

Coincidences are wonderful things! Earlier tonight I was conversing with a Democrat friend of mine about the coverage of the U.S. election on my blog. One of the things I defended was my unending assertion that the mainstream media is generally biased in favour of Obama and in some cases pathetically and obviously so. I related this to Canada, citing CBC News as the worst example of a SIGNIFICANT liberal bias.

Several hours later, I came across this exposé by Jonathan Kay of a hit piece by CBC News and their reporter, Neil McDonald, who apparently has a history of smears, including several against Israel. Do you remember the false rumour about Sarah Palin not being the actual mother of her youngest baby, Trig? Two days after this rumour was put to rest, our old buddy Neil released a story that it might actually be true! The fact that a j-o-u-r-n-a-l-i-s-t would do a story without any credible evidence is bad enough. The fact that he would do it two days late is beyond the pale. Why is Mr. McDonald still employed there?

This kind of crap happens every week at the CBC. Now with the upcoming federal election in Canada, it'll likely happen every day. My remedy: pull the plug on all financing of the CBC for one year and then rehire a staff of balanced professionals who will represent the views of ALL Canadians, not just a tiny minority of ultra-left radicals.

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