Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Sarah Palin Pregnancy Smear

A friend alerted me to this blog story. The insinuation is that the baby Sarah Palin gave birth to in April is not actually her own but instead was that of her daughter, Bristol.

Pretty serious charges and attacking one of Palin's daughters in this way is no small matter. Is it true? I don't know. Was the image photoshopped? I don't know.

If it is true then it's almost certainly the end of John McCain's campaign because it'll bring into question Palin's honesty and character, and therefore McCain's judgment.

But if it's false, I hope that the McCain Campaign comes out next week demanding that Barack Obama unequivocally and loudly denounce such a smear campaign, not only against one of his opponents but against a daughter just like his own. Furthermore, if it is false then I will request that the liberal bloggers I know to do precisely the same, as I would expect them to do of me if the roles were reversed.

Update: I just learned of this photo taken in July 2008:
Who looks more like she recently gave birth, Sarah Palin, or her daughter, Bristol, behind her?

And here's one taken from a speech on February 26, 2008:


md said...

We all know Dick Cheney rented out his undisclosed location so mom and daughter could pull off the switch. :)

nachtwache said...

Could be true, but so what? It's a personal, private family thing, even politicians don't have to wash all their "dirty laundry" in public.
This has nothing to do with politics, just with the family.
If that is what they all decided, it's big of mom and dad to help out their daughter and accept the baby into the family. We don't know all the reasons, nor do we need to.
It's not the first time this has been done by a family, won't be the last.
I still like her. Family tragedies happen, yes, if your young daughter get's pregnant, usually that's not something parents or the teen are glad about, but you deal with it. Preferably not by killing the helpless baby.

md said...

Even if she did it, and come on, it's just impractical to think anyone with that kind of visibility could pull this off, I think you're right, it is entirely a family matter.

But, it would call into question the vetting process McCain used to pick her, and that could be a deal breaker for him if he did not know.

But again, this story is crap.

PelaLusa said...

Last night I even found the smear campaign on Obama's OWN WEBSITE via comments from supporters:

Clearly that site must be monitored, yet they leave such unsupported smears up there.

I've directly asked some of the bloggers posting this smear whether they will apologize if it is proven false. Absolutely no response back.

Does this then mean that Obama's adorable daughters are legitimate targets for smears too?

Let's hope all these personal attacks STOP and REAL issues are discussed.