Friday, August 01, 2008

Blue Angels in Seattle

Here are some fantastic photos of the Blue Angels taken by my friend, Mike, with his Canon digital SLR and his 200 - 400mm Zoom lens. They were shot from the I-90 off ramp to Mercer Island, in the center of Lake Washington. A crowd of a thousand or so people had gathered to watch this amazing feat of technology and aviator skill. At times the noise was deafening but the entire performance could be summed up in one word: AWESOME You can view the entire set of Mike's photos here.

I must add that on the drive down yesterday there was a discussion on the radio with some Metrosexual Ultra-Liberal Politically Correct Capitol Hill resident that the Blue Angels should not be allowed to perform in Seattle. This girly-man was nothing short of pathetic, citing issues of safety and wasting oil. He outright lied when he said that 50% of Seattle residents agree with him. The #1 thing that likely irks him the most was the profound demonstration of American military power on display by the Blue Angels. Somehow this gave me extra pleasure to watch them! :-)

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