Sunday, August 31, 2008

Michael Gerson: Team McCain Takes the Lead

The Washington Post's Michael Gerson makes some great points here. I particularly smiled at these parts:

  • On Obama's recent speech: No Democratic class-warfare cliche went unexpressed. No cheap attack on John McCain went unmade -- and made without humor, class or grace. (How could it possibly be an effective Democratic attack to accuse McCain of cowardice in confronting al-Qaeda?)
  • On Sarah Palin's appointment: [She] is unlikely to appeal to the hardest core of Hillary's feminist supporters, she is likely to appeal broadly to most women, who will be undisturbed that she doesn't fit feminist stereotypes.
  • On being part of the McCain team: Palin perfectly fits McCain's reform Republican narrative -- her efforts to oppose the corrupt Republican machine in Alaska have been impressive and popular.

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