Monday, August 04, 2008

Letter to the Seattle Times

I just submitted the following to the Seattle Times:

I'm just finishing up a week long visit to your wonderful city. The food, the sights, the people - everything was superb! Well, except for one little thing. The direction signs to your highways are amongst the worst I've seen in any North America city. For example, imagine you're on Denny Way by the Space Needle. Head west and strictly using the signs, try to find your way onto Hwy 99 South. You'll find it impossible. Is there a thriving trade in Hwy 99 signs I'm not aware of? Similarly, finding one's way out of downtown onto I-5 is pretty much hit and miss. If you're a pedestrian and keep seeing a car with out-of-state plates circling and circling, know that it's yet another lost tourist!
Robert Werner
Vancouver, BC

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