Saturday, August 30, 2008

My Analysis of the Canadian Political Situation

David Berner just published a stinging indictment of the Canadian electorate. I share his frustration but have a slightly different view of the predicament Canada is now in. I left a fairly lengthy comment for him, which I thought was worth sharing again here:

David, I think I know better than most about your political views. The fact that you would write such a post should be quite significant to those middle-of-the-road voters sitting on the fence.

But if you were to write such things in your Province column, you will get viciously attacked by the same usual suspects who constantly assail your sage advice on better drug addiction policies.

I fully respect that different people have different political views. In fact, it's a good thing for vigorous, factual debates make for a better democracy.

But we have to face the realization that decades of Liberal rule have deeply populated the media, academia, and civil service with left-leaning activists who will do & say anything to demonize the Conservatives and hold up their mighty Liberal Party as the righteous Governing Party of Canada.

Through completely peaceful means, Pierre Trudeau has achieved what Castro, Lenin, & Mao could only do through violence.

Is there a way out of this stalemate? My prediction is this: This next election will shuffle the deck chairs a little but the Conservatives will be left in power with another minority government. The knives will come out for Stephane Dion and his political career will be over. Bob Rae and Michael Ignatieff will fight another battle. Either one or the other will win or if there's another equal split between them then a more populous choice (than Dion) will come up the middle again.

With whichever new leader they have, they'll almost certainly force an election sometime in 2010. By that time the Corruption scandal will be ancient history and the Liberals, through their friends I've previously outlined, will be back in power. If the economy is bad in Ontario & Quebec then they'll win a majority. If it's okay or even good then they'll still win but only a minority.

Such is the reality of Canada today. And why we are all worse off for it.

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Anonymous said...

Hope that it is Ignatieff because Rae will cost us major votes in Ontario. In my opinion there was no one else in the previous bunch worth looking at. Don't say Kennedy, because people blame him for Dion and young Mr. Trudeau is far too wet behind the ears and has alienated Anglophone Canada by telling us if we don't speak French we are all lazy.