Friday, August 29, 2008

The MSM in the Hip Pocket of Barack Obama

Gotta love this. The NY Times completely ignores any connections between Obama & Rezko and Obama & Ayers but within hours of the historic announcement of the first woman vice-presidential candidate for the Republican Party they're already working on a hit piece against Sarah Palin. Such journalistic integrity!!

If she's guilty, then she's guilty and she be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. But let's not forget the phony hit piece the NY Times launched against McCain earlier this year, falsely alleging that he was having an affair with fundraiser, Vicki Iseman. For more on that, please read this. So excuse me if I don't immediately believe a thing the NY Times reporter, Michael Luo, is saying.

I cannot but help reflect back to what well know vlogger, Tom Guarriello, said recently about the two sides of the American electorate needing to come together. This will never happen if media outlets refuse to stamp out the clear, obvious biases of their news reporting.

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md said...

In the worst case scenario, she abused her office to get a guy fired who was abusive towards her sister and had made threats against her family. Tell me anybody who wouldn't do the same. This wasn't some sleazy deal to get property on the cheap and make a profit.