Monday, August 04, 2008

Seattle Visit: Day 5

Some days are meant for endless activities, others are meant for rest. On this day we opted for the latter. We both woke up late and drove down to a local strip mall to get a pizza.

It was so nice out that we decided to eat some of it there. On the request of a friend back home in Vancouver, I also picked up a pound of their Pike Place Blend which isn't yet available up north.
Later in the day we took up Mike on his invite to visit Microsoft. I always do my best to get Danny exposed to possible future employment paths. Truth be told, inside a Microsoft building isn't much different than any other office building but still, it's pretty amazing to realize all the products that have come out of their offices over the past 30 years.
For dinner, Mike, Danny, & I joined our other Microsoft friend, Ahmed. He took us to a great little Indian restaurant in Redmond.

Soon after we got home, Danny fell asleep. And Mavic decided to use him as her pillow!

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