Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sarah Palin vs. Barack Obama

I've been doing a lot more reading and listening to comments on Sarah Palin, John McCain's choice for Vice-President. This included a pretty critical discussion of candidates like her & Obama here.

One thing that came to light in this examination of commentary was something I hadn't even considered, but is perhaps the greatest reason of all that Palin will assure McCain a victory on November 4th.

What is this thing thou doth ask? It concerns this article, Don't Forget the Angry White Man, written by Gary Hubbell back in February. There are many angry white men out there. And black men. And yellow ones. And red ones. And brown and blue and green ones too. What are they angry about? They're absolutely fed up with the "Oprahfication" of our society.

For a long time now, Political Correctness (PC) has blanketed our society, penetrating its many tentacles into every aspect of our lives. The de facto PC stance is that everyone is helpless, everyone is a potential victim, no one is ever guilty of anything, everyone's "feelings" must be paramount to all other concerns, and the government must be involved everywhere in order to enforce all of this.

Enough Already! That's the internal yell uttered by every man on this continent with a backbone and clearly more than a few women too.

Sarah Palin represents everything that these men - the vast majority of men in the United States - are looking for in a woman:

  1. Ambition
  2. Intelligence
  3. Toughness
  4. Strong values
  5. Maternal instincts
  6. Pride in herself
  7. Pride in her country
And even with all that, she's still a very sexy lady. Her sex appeal may be a winning attribute but the 7 items in that list will be even more of an aphrodesiac to voters.

Even though we have heard very little from her as of yet, it's already clear that she speaks her mind in clear, concise language that people can connect with. She doesn't use PC-speak to gender neutralize everything either. For example, she speaks of "commercial fisherman", where Obama & his ilk would say "fisherperson". A little thing you say? Words spoken en masse and repeated over & over again do quickly give off an aura about a person's character, even if it's quite subconscious.

Comparisons are starting to be made between Sarah Palin and Michelle Obama. Both are attractive women. But what's immediately obvious is that while Palin is upbeat and positive, Mrs. Obama is bitter and resentful. I know the many Democrats I know don't want to hear that but it is the overwhelming perception.

What the Democrats should really be worried about though is when direct comparisons start getting made between Sarah Palin and Barack Obama. They're about the same age but Palin has clearly accomplished A LOT more in her life more than he has. She's also done a lot less talking and writing about her accomplishments than he has. Academics and celebrities adore Obama for this; average men and women have quickly grown tired of it.

And who has started the comparisons between Palin and Obama? The Democrats no less. I understand their intention to diminish McCain's argument about experience but it will absolutely backfire on them. They remind me of a young child who tries out the infamous Chinese finger trap for the first time. The more they attack (pull), the tighter the trap becomes.

Attacking her on "zero foreign policy experience" then begs the question, "What about Obama's"? Attacking her on "starting out as the mayor of a small Alaska town" only alienates rural voters. Attacking her as "being a former beauty queen" must absolutely annoy all women, except for those who hated beauty queens. The very fact that Democrats are attacking her surely must deflate Obama's "Hope and Change" campaign balloon.

Maybe it's a new stroke of political genius to alienate all kinds of potential voters but I can't figure out its logic. If anyone can explain this strategy to me, I'd love to be educated!

Barack Obama is an elitist liberal who will never be able to connect with the average American. This was proved back when he was fighting Hillary Clinton. It'll be even more evident against McCain and Palin. Ultimately I have great faith in the collective wisdom of the American people.


Anonymous said...

I was actually trying to look up Information on Palin and I found you site. Actually, Obama never said anything about her experience. Look it up. Matter of fact McCain was the one who was trying to down grade Obama's experience in the first place. Then he goes and makes this VP choice who has absolutely no Foreign policy experience. So, what argument can McCain use now ? Did he have a senior moment? Well, actually I must thank him, he just sunk his chance of becoming President and made it much easier for Obama to win in a land slide!

PelaLusa said...

Sir, as I stated earlier and provided a solid reference for, it was a member of Obama's campaign who said that. So you go look it up. And next time, please provide some references of your own.

PelaLusa said...

Incidentally, I just checked and notice you're from Reston, Virginia. The polls there have your state in neck & neck race. Like you, I'll be closely watching the polls over the coming weeks. According to you, they'll be swaying toward Obama "in a landslide". We'll see.

md said...

Hey anonymous, running for VP is different than President. Palin has time to do some on the job learning. The Anointed One (tm) has to have his act together on January 20th. I'm sure he'll tap Ayers for military strategy, so maybe all will be well.