Friday, September 12, 2008

Inside the Mind of the Radical Left

Yesterday evening I heard the following conversation on BBC London Radio:

[Male] Caller: The problem with capitalist countries like Britain is that there's not enough social justice.

Host: What do you mean?

Caller: Well, for example, the minimum wage of £5.75 should be increased to £10.00.

Host: That's an easy thing to say but all that will do is force companies to raise their prices.

Caller: Oh no, I wouldn't let them do that. A big company earning $100 Million will have to stop being so selfish and just settle for $75 Million.

Host: How on earth could you stop them from earning more?

Caller: I would impose a cap on the profits of big companies or put a cap in the ass of the leaders of those companies.

Host: Are you joking?

Caller: Not at all.

Host: Do you realize that you're sounding a lot like Stalin and Hitler?

Caller: Funny you say that. When I was a child my mother used to say I was "A Little Hitler" because of the way I ordered the other little kids around.

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