Sunday, April 05, 2009

Cambie Street Stroll

Today's beautiful weather gave me the perfect opportunity to walk downtown. I chose to go down Cambie Street.

This is a shot from just above Broadway, looking north.
Here you see the remnants of the Canada Line construction. The building across the street will be the Broadway station.
Looking south towards 12th Avenue, you can see a potpourri of construction equipment.
I absolutely LOVE old cars. Here are 3 of many that were cruising down Cambie. Absolutely delightful!
Not too far after getting onto the Cambie Bridge I captured this photo. You can see the white roof of BC Place in between two newer Yaletown towers.
Here's a mini-panorama of the Olympic Athletes Village, which is still under construction.
This is about halfway across the bridge.
I loved the contrast of this bright red kayak against the grey-green water.
Here's a bank of extra seats sitting outside of BC Place.

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